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The Convertible Scarf-Top-Shrug by Boditecture

Our obsession with convertible clothing runs deep. Not only do multi-way pieces give you more options, it’s just plain cool knowing your scarf-top-hood-shrug could also be a shrug-hood-top-scarf. So we were obviously enthused over the Scarf Hug by San Francisco label Boditecture.

Focusing on garments that can be worn in multiple ways, Boditecture sells a variety of convertible pieces, but this one stands out for offering 12 options that span casual daywear to nightlife-ier styles. Made of a loose wool knit and available in several colors, the $79 item can be wrapped around your neck as a scarf or fashioned into a variety of tops, a shrug, a hood and several looks that are somewhere in between.

You’ll find it online in the Boditecture online shop.

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